vision quest shoes spring preview

IRL Spring Preview March 6th and 7th in Los Angeles

Want to try on Vision Quest Shoes In Real Life?

Sat and Sun, March 6th and 7th

Noon- 5 pm


1953 1/2 Hillhurst Ave in Los Feliz Village

L.A., CA 90027

stylecaster vision quest shoes

VQS in STYLECASTER's '30 Asian-American Owned Fashion Brands'

So proud to be included in STYLECASTER'S round up of Asian American owned fashion and beauty brands.   As they say, "Slip on a pair of Vision Quest babouche shoes and believe me- you'll never look back".  We agree!  We want you always to look forward!



Vision Boarding in 2021

Vision Boarding in 2021

VERY IMPORTANT: Post these Vision Boards in highly visible places! I have them posted over my desktop computer, and I keep a copy in my car!

Outdoor Holiday Pop Up Dec 19-20 West Hollywood

Outdoor Holiday Pop Up Dec 19-20 West Hollywood

Shop outdoors safely and in real life!  We're so blessed to have a Holiday Pop Up Shop at the Bev...
Shout Out LA introduces Ce Ce Chin on Vision Quest shoes

Shout Out LA introduces Ce Ce Chin on Vision Quest shoes

Hi Ce Ce, do you disagree with some advice that is more or less universally accepted?
I don’t believe one needs to write a business plan in the traditional sense. Unless someone, an investor perhaps, has asked for one. And even the most important thing to know is the break even number, when your business will break even against the initial investment, and how many sales, or how much revenue is needed to break even.  Read more here.
unique markets vision quest shoes

Unique Markets Q and A with Ce Ce of Vision Quest Shoes

The journey of Vision Quest shoes started with my first spiritual experience with a Ouija board at a slumber party when I was eight years old. No joke, the seeds were planted right there, as me and five other girls tried to summon the spirit guides. My shoe is inspired by the Ouija board reader, known as a planchette- the shape is similar. I designed the logo with a seeing eye, and “Yes or No” above the brow- to remind us to be open, ask questions and move confidently forward.