Will the babouches fit my foot? US to EU shoe size guide

Will the babouches fit my foot? US to EU shoe size guide

Shopping for shoes online can be a hit and miss.  Our women's babouche shoes are unique, and we understand your concern about fit.

Our updated shoe size chart will help to translate American shoe sizes to European shoe sizes.

You can also provide a foot tracing and send it to us for a consultation.  Download our FOOT TRACING TEMPLATE PDF here.

In advance, ask a friend to help you trace your foot- you cannot get an accurate tracing by yourself.


  1. Print out of foot tracing guide-make sure the printer is set to “Do Not Scale”.  For accuracy, compare a credit card to the Accuracy Check window on the guide.
  2. Place the bottom end of the paper against a wall.
  3. Stand on the paper with your heel against the wall.
  4. Your friend will trace all around your foot, trying to keep the pen straight (perpendicular to the ground) and not at an angle.
  5. Important- trace both the left and right foot!  Your feet are different!
  6. Check the box(es) that apply: My foot is Narrow/Average/Wide/High Instep.
  7. Extra Credit- measure the longest length and widest width and write those dimensions on the foot tracing.
  8. Scan or take a photograph and email to hello@visionquestshoes.com.

We’ll review your trace, recommend the shoe size and even suggest specific leather shoe materials and shoe colors.

And remember, we offer free ground shipping and return shipping for orders over $125.  If you need to exchange for a different size, send your order invoice to hello@visionquestshoes.com.  We'll send your a pre-paid shipping label to be used within 2 business days.  When we receive the shoes, we'll ship out the new selection free of charge.

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